As human beings we like to belong. In earlier times, that was our survival mechanism and it is still very much present. That makes us all in a sense afraid to be rejected, especially as an introvert. But what if that fear is holding you back?

Little babies are already looking for it: love and a sense of belonging. After all, they cannot survive without those two things. It remains present throughout our lives, albeit in a somewhat less strong way. It takes the form of seeking like-minded people.

As an introvert, it can sometimes feel like you're different, which can make it harder to find like-minded people. You may be quieter and less present than others. And it may seem that others don't understand you at all. This can make you feel like you'd better hide your introverted side to be accepted. They might just think you're weird.

Fear of rejection makes many introverts highly adaptive. Instead of relying on their unique strength, they try to live up to what they think is expected of them. The result is a flattened version of themselves, the consequence of not seeing the unique power of the introvert anymore.


By making assumptions and avoiding confrontation, you can actually hold yourself back as an introvert. Maybe you have a great idea for a new company, but you don't dare to take that step for fear of being rejected. Or maybe you have made a special painting, but you dare not show it to anyone for the same reason. This way, you'll never start that job that you actually like and no one will ever see your painting. While that is precisely where the key to a greater feeling of happiness lies.

This vicious circle can only end by confronting your fear of rejection. By exploring it further you will discover where it comes from and how you can deal with it in a different way. If you practice this regularly, it will eventually become your own strength. Surely no one can disagree with that?