In a world where extroversion seems to be the norm, being an introvert can feel like you're outnumbered. However, if you look at the numbers, the picture is very different. At least thirty percent of the world's population is introverted.

As an introvert you are thoughtful and a bit more in the background, so you often don't stand out. This is in stark contrast to the present and energetic extrovert, who is not to be missed. Because of that difference, it can sometimes feel like there are more extroverts than introverts, but nothing could be further from the truth. Let me give you some numbers.

Extraversion is one of the five dimensions of our personality, if you follow the Big Five model. All those dimensions look like scales, on which you can score from left to right. If you score far to the left on extroversion, you may consider yourself an introvert.

In the Big Five as I use it, there are also six subscales that show exactly in which area you are introverted. We look at cordiality, sociability, assertiveness, energy, adventurism and cheerfulness. That way you get a very detailed picture of what makes you an introvert.

Just as many introverts

All these scales have a normal distribution: if you were to draw a line graph, it would be highest in the middle. So most people are somewhere in the middle (ambivert). And there are just as many people on the left (introverted) as on the right (extroverted) of the scale. If you look at it that way, you can say that there are just as many introverts as there are extroverts.

How come it seems like there are more extroverts than introverts? First, extroverts are much more present. In addition, our society is more focused on extroversion, which means that an introvert has the tendency to adapt. And finally, an extrovert is more focused on constant contact and tends to be surrounded by others, while an introvert needs to be alone every now and then. This can make you feel like you are in the minority.

Now that you know the above, you can start using it to your advantage. Take a conscious look around looking for fellow introverts when you're somewhere. And don't be afraid to express yourself that way. You will find that there are more introverts around you than you initially thought.

Are you curious to know how you score within the Big Five? Please feel free to contact me.