In addition to my coaching practice, I also teach professional development at the Breda University of Applied Sciences. Here I regularly come across introverted students who struggle with their more introverted nature. However, you can turn that struggle into your strength, if you know where it lies. Some tips for the introverted student.

Indicate your limits

Student life means a huge choice of social activities: club evenings, home dinners, drinks and lectures. As an introvert, it's important to be picky about that. Choose those things that give you the most energy and say no to things that appeal less to you. Otherwise, you can run out of energy quite easily. It is by setting boundaries that you can continue to do fun things in the long term.

Avoid study groups

It may seem useful to study in a group, but for introverts, it often works better to study alone. They need rest and time to think about things and put them into perspective. Of course, this does not mean that they do not enjoy a study group. But preferably after having had the time to work on something themselves.


Introverts are masters of listening, especially in its most active form. An introvert not only listens, but also actively does something with what has been said. This offers a huge advantage during lectures. An introvert is less likely to start a conversation during class, which means that he or she captures more. And it also makes it easier to concentrate while taking an exam, because you need silence to thrive.

Prepare well

Giving a presentation can be very exciting for an introverted student. You are suddenly the center of attention, while you usually prefer to stay in the background. However, with the right preparation, the introvert becomes a very good presenter. Because of the depth you usually look for, you tell valuable things and your audience is captivated. And if you are well prepared, there are also fewer unexpected questions that you may not immediately have an answer to. Practice makes perfect, in this case.

Take time for yourself

As an introvert, you recharge by being alone every now and then. That's not to say you don't want the company of others, but after that you simply need some time for yourself again. After a long day surrounded by other students, it can therefore be nice to have the evening off. This way you can recharge your energy for the rest of the week.

Do you want to know how to thrive as an introvert? Please feel free to contact me.