Quiet Quality



Do you feel that you are not seen for who you truly are? Do you feel that you have so much more potential, but don't you dare to take the steps to really get it out? And do you want to learn how you can silence that critical voice in your head, that keeps on telling you that you can't do it? Then my Put Your Strength Into Action program is for you.

This program starts with a personal intake, in which we discuss your specific situation. Are you in the right place or not? Is perfectionism getting in your way? Or do you feel that others underestimate or misunderstand you? Based on this conversation, we determine where the focus of your personal development program will be.

After this, we will go into depth. We'll zoom in on who you are as a person, what suits you and what makes you happy. We discuss your challenges during four coaching sessions, but also your unique strengths as an introvert. You will be given a number of practical tools to better deal with your challenges and to make better use of your strength. You'll immediately apply what you have learned, so you can quickly see the effect.

This program includes:

  • a one-hour intake interview
  • four two-hour coaching sessions
  • a scientifically validated personality test
  • a personal development program
  • tools that you can immediately use

At the end of this process:

  • you will know your own strengths as an introvert
  • you will know how to put your strengths into action
  • you know how to handle your challenges
  • you've taken the steps that really help you move forward

The price for all this is € 950 ($1032) excluding VAT. In many cases the employer reimburses coaching, be sure to inquire about this. Coaching is also generally tax deductible, both for entrepreneurs and employees.

Contact me to learn more. A first introductory meeting is always free.

In-company training

Do you want to leverage the full potential of all your employees? Do you want to look at diversity from a whole new perspective? And do you want your employees to understand each other better in order to work together better? Through workshops and training I can help your employees get more understanding about their own personality and that of others. This helps introverts to feel understood and the extroverts to understand, which in turn will lead to more space for new ideas and innovation. Programmes starting from €600 ($652) for half a day.

Contact me to learn more.


I'm available as a speaker for webinars, in-company sessions, conferences and events. The topics I talk about are:

  • the differences between introverts and extroverts 
  • introvert leadership 
  • personality as a starting point for diversity

Fees starting from €500 ($543) for one hour.

Contact me to learn more.